We’ve previously heard that the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P were found to have some successors, but here’s the first time we actually learn some details, courtesy of German site Mobiflip. There were some internal slides leaked from Sony revealing on Xperia Tablet that’s lighter, thinner and more powerful than its predecessors.

The new device is simply branded Xperia Sony tablet and it’s supposed to come with a Tegra 3 CPU, Android 4.0 (or later), versions with 16/32/64GB of storage and 3G connectivity. Inside there’s a 6000 mAh battery, that offers 10 hours of WiFi browsing. Sony’s slides mention that this 8.8mm thick tablet uses an aluminum shell and it’s 42% thinner than the Tablet S. There’s also a keyboard cover in the mix, with a concept that reminds me greatly of the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Sony’s vision is a bit different here, since they want it to wrap around the entire tablet and fold at the back to replace the kickstand. Even prices were leaked this time, amounts like $99.99 for the keyboard cover and the tablet will cost $449.99 for the 16GB unit and $549.99 for the 32GB one. The 64GB unit will go for $649.99 and each of these versions undercuts the iPads by $50. There will also be loads of accessories like a carrying cover, premium cover, a cradle, docking stand and dock speaker. There’s no release date here, sadly and one final thing to mention is the display: 9.4 inch with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.