Sony has banked big time on its Digital Paper line of products, which have made history, by changing the paradigm of the E-Ink screens. Amazon gave up on the Kindle DX line, so the eReaders with E-Ink screens now come with smaller diagonals. Sony is all about the Digital Paper and bigger diagonals, though, filling the gap. And now a new model is coming.

It’s known as Sony DPT-CP1 and it recently leaked via a listing. Such devices let you draw, write notes or view various documentation and blueprints. That’s where the large screen is actually useful and 7 incher are useless. The unannounced Digital Paper device appeared at the FCC website this week.

The documents were submitted by Netronix, which is an OEM that makes eReaders for a few companies. Sony used to rely on in house production for E-Ink and Digital Paper devices, but it seems that outsourcing is the way to go now. Sadly, all we have is speculation, since the FCC listing doesn’t even mention a screen size, resolution or CPU. All we know is that we have WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, NFC, a 2.08 Ah 3.7 Vdc Li-Ion battery and an USB cable for power.

The third generation Digital Paper device most likely has a large screen and pen input. Expect a price in the $700 or $800 range. Corporations in Japan seem to have appreciated the first generations.