Juan Manuel Bustos created a very interesting tablet concept, known as the Asus Net Fusion. Pictured below, this graphic design tablet is supposed to be a rival for Wacom products and the iPad, combining the features of a laptop, netbook and tablet. It’s intended to be used by student and design professionals, who will surely love working with that cool stylus.

Asus Net Fusion is 13mm thick and we know that it packs 2 speakers , 2 USB ports, WiFi, LAN, support for 3G connectivity, a webcam and it runs Windows (maybe Windows 7). The tablet uses a virtual QWERTY keyboard and a virtual mouse wheel, plus it support stylus interaction, perfect for drawing and creating top notch graphics designs.

Would you buy this instead of a Wacom device for the right price?

[via Concept Phones]

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  • JM

    Wow. I keep seeing some great concepts, but not a lot of infomration about whether or not they will become reality. If this supports multi-touch and a stylus with Windows 7, then I'm in…this would be one of the few I've seen that support (in concept) both forms of input. Then Hanvon BA10E, the Haleron iLet (any others?) are the only others I've seen…hopeful for some more options. We'll see.

  • Greg

    i love it…I want something that I can draw using painter, do 3d accelerated games, internet, email and plug in anything usb/sd. I want freedom and not some media conduit forced down my throat (IPAD). An aluminum recessed key pad the slides out from the back maybe? camera? pressure sensitive? ebook reader? windows 7 optional port for ssd. 800-1000. No advertising either… geez, I want my geek sanctuary. Apple is a beautiful vegan, the rest of us are carnivorous brutes and we don't mind our ugly fully functional toys.

  • Pascalstagnaro

    hi there, where and when can we buy this tablet? if someone know the price,,,,, let me know