Tablets are definitely becoming hotter than phones lately, since most of the trade shows have included tons of products pertaining to this segment. CeBIT 2010 is no exception, with products like Hanvon BC10C and BA10E getting showcased these days in Germany. Both are multitouch tablets and run Windows 7.

Hanvon BC10C packs a 1.3GHz Celeron CPU, while the BA10E uses a 1.6GHz Atom Z Series processor. The first is the slightly smaller unit, packing programmable buttons around the edges, a HDMI connector, an optical mouse integrated into the bottom bezel and a 250GB HDD.

Hanvon BA10E features both a capacitive multitouch display and an active digitizer option, for handwritting recognition. Programmable buttons are also to be found around edges, while the specs list of the tablet includes USB and HDMI connectivity, a 120GB HDD and a front and back camera.

BA10E will retail for about 500-600 EUR, while BC10C will cost 600-700 EUR. No info on release dates.

[via slashgear]