The Nintendo Switch has some pretty good sales, so that’s probably making Sony and Microsoft nervous. At least Microsoft has the Xbox Project Scorpio ready for debut over the next year or so, but what about Sony? Their last portable console was the PS Vita and it came in 2012. It seems outdated now compared to the Nintendo Switch, so maybe it’s time for the Sony PlayMan, pictured below.

Also known as the Sony PlayStation Switch, this is just a console concept, rendered by Curved/Labs. They did a fine job and rendered a pretty realistic machine, if you ask me. The device has an angular design, just like the PlayStation and it comes with a robust kickstand at the back. This tablet-console has two attachable joystick parts, that feel like the Nintendo Switch, only sexier.

They’re totally angular, filled with corners and sharp angles in order to differentiate from the Nintendo approach. The PlayStation Switch looks like a regular tablet, but one with a base area that lets it sit vertically, in order to show the games. There are USB ports at the back, HDMI too and fans can be seen there. The joysticks are attached on the sides and include analog sticks, action buttons and handles.

My favourite part is the area that lights up at the sides of the screen. It’s a discrete slit of lighting, like we saw on the PS4. We don’t have specs for this model, but I guess that the resolution should be at least HD for this screen. I see that Horizon Zero Dawn is shown on the display, so powerful hardware should be available.