Emre Kosmaz, an industrial designer and entrepreneur from California imagined a very interesting product called the NexPhone. Basically you should imagine a PadFone that has been very much simplified. The NexPhone can attach to a tablet, laptop or all in one PC and become their “brain”. The phone runs Android and this idea is a project in Indiegogo, that has to raise $950.000 to become real. It has raised $2.149 so far.

The phone attaches to the back of a laptop display and thanks to Ubuntu for Android software, the experience is well integrated between the two devices. The smartphone will function like a full PC and when connected to a monitor and keyboard the Nexphone provides a desktop PC alternative with lots of standard productivity apps, including Office, web browsing, messaging and email, as shown in the video below. From what I can see in the pics, the NexPhone uses two jacks/ports to connect to each device, although in the video there aren’t any, so magnets may be a solution, or some other contact-based technology.

The tablet is very sleek, elegant and sci-fi looking, so that’s always a plus. The devices that the NexPhone can attach to are the NexTablet, NexLaptop and NexMonitor, with the latter being a full fledged PC with keyboard and all. The estimated price for the NexPhone and its NexDock is $499, while the Tablet Dock is $149 and the Laptop Dock is $199. Finally the NexMonitor Dock with keyboard and trackpad is estimated at $199. Will this project spawn a real product? Your donations will decide that!