We recently talked about the Korean maker going to release a competitor to the Google Nexus 7 in the 7-inch category. The device was going to be priced very aggressively and be unveiled next month during MWC. Now it seems we have a new set of directions. Samsung is drooping the 7-inch device.


The Galaxy Tab 3 is among the devices expected to be unveiled next month. SamMobile has apparently gathered some solid news about the device and the manufacturer’s plans. According to them it seems that Samsung has dropped its plans to release a 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3. The device will not be competing against the Nexus 7 nor will it be the next Nexus tablet as some seemed to have stated.

The Galaxy Tab 3 will be launched in 8-inch and 10.1-inch categories. The device will also be available in a LTE variant along with the practically confirmed Galaxy Note 8.0. There will also be the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus codename GT-P8200 unveiled next month in WiFi and LTE versions. Follow the link to the source for a list of upcoming devices.