If you’re really into using your Nexus 7 tablet all over the place, then you may be interested in the Nexus 7 custom car mount shown below. This allows you to integrate the 7 inch quad core slate into the dashboard of a Toyota Celica. The Toyota owner even made his own launcher skin to fit this customization.


The cool thing is that the skin is based on Knight Rider, making this one of the most awesone tweaks ever. The modder who uses the device relied on the Nova Launcher, UCCW and Simple Text to create a simple Knight Rider UI, that allows one to access the most common features. However, we should caution you that having such a nice toy in your dashboard may tempt you to focus less on driving and more on fun. The creator also set up Tasker to keep the screen on when the vehicle is running and to put the slate to sleep when the car is stopped.


The entire machine that incorporates the Nexus 7 involves a custom built acrylic box, that holds the tablet upright and matches the connections inside the Subaru DIN AV panel. This box is used as a nice housing for the power cabling that ties the slate to the car. The audio is carried to the car sound system via a Bluetooth dongle. Pretty cool mod, right?