Nvidia has been quiet for a long while, without major launches in the mobile field and the Tegra K1 still lingers in uncertainty. Well, now the CPU has been benchmarked and the results have been found similar to the ones of the Celeron Bay Trail.


Members of the Phoronix/OpenBenchmarking community were behind the tests and it appears that the raw processing power is comparable to the Intel Celeron J1900. That one is a quad core 64 bit setup, an x86 chip with a TDP of 10W. The target for it is a low power desktop PC. Nvidia’s CPU is a quad core ARM Cortex A15 chip that’s aimed at mobile and embedded devices, like tablets an in vehicle systems.

We get a 192 core graphics component, based on the same Kepler architecture as the Nvidia notebook chips. The test mentioned above is focused on pure CPU speed while running Linux distros like Linux Mint, Arch Linux and Ubuntu. We’ll have to wait and see how Tegra K1 does when running Android or Linux 3D or facing more graphically intensive tasks.

  • DeianStancu

    No wonder with over 25W TDP. But it’s an unfair comparison, because Celeron has half of K1’s TDP. They should have compared to a more fare CPU, Intel Core Haswell with closer, 14W TDP. But then again, Haswell would have trashed K1 and left in dust and the reviewer didn’t want that.