Mobile games have yet to reach the status of console games, when it comes to scary content and creepy titles. There’s no Silent Hill or Resident Evil here, but the next best thing may just be In Fear I Trust, from Chillingo. I tested the game on the iPad Mini and what came out was the review below. Before I delve into that, I’d also like to mention that I found a cool website wherein you can buy league of legends accounts and start with the first crack.

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The title is priced at $3 and it’s supposed to take up almost 1 GB of space. This is a horror first person game focused on the puzzle thing and not on combat. It’s more like Outlast, if you want. It has a creepy atmosphere and just like Silent Hill it starts with a guy who doesn’t remember who he is. He’s in a cell in a mental hospital and then in a school, typical settings for a horror game.

We’ve got cliches and randomness on the storyline front and you get about 3 hours of gameplay. There are 2 episodes available now, with more coming in the near future. The control is a twin stick one, but it’s very hard to master and get used to, I have to say. You can swipe the screen for a special vision, that reveals the puzzles and clues or swipe up to trigger a journal where you stash your clues, notes and various objects found.

Some puzzles feel like the game The Room and this game has a pretty good audio background, keeping the creepiness alive. It’s based on Unreal Engine and it looks decent for an iPad Mini, I’ll give it that. However, the slow camera and horrible controls seriously damage the fun. That’s why we give it an 8 out of 10 and you can download it here.