NVIDIA has debuted a new automotive solution, called NVIDIA Drive, meant to bring the power of high end processing to cockpits everywhere. They debuted two types of auto PCs: NVIDIA Drive PX, that will offer the vehicle the ability to run without a driver and NVIDIA Drive CX, for a more advanced digital auto system.


The two platforms are based on the same architecture used on the most powerful supercomputers available now. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was present at CES on the stage and claims that thanks to the cameras and displays included on cars, a detailed analysis of the surrounding environment can be performed and every element can be accessed. A car can welcome its owner, analyze risky traffic and ensure passenger safety now.


NVIDIA Drive PX is based on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, built on Maxwell architecture and offering 1 teraflop processing power, more than the most advanced super PC built at the end of the 21st century. Two mobile Tegra X1 chipsets offer the platform the ability to operate 12 video cameras with high resolutions, processing images at 1.3 gigapixels per second. Drive PX also brings an Auto Valet feature, with the car finding a parking spot by itself.

NVIDIA Drive CX is a hardware and software solution for navigation, infotainment, digital auto instruments and traffic monitoring. It also brings forth a new tech called Surround Vision, that offers 360 degree viewing of the surroundings. This system comes in Tegra X1 or K1 versions.