Moroccan Youssef Taleb is working together with the team of Provok Developments on the “world’s first projection tablet”, that features a micro projector and a laser keyboard. Taleb is only 22 years old and he can be called a bit of an inspiration.


This model also comes with a remote pen and a laser keyboard, that turns any surface into a virtual keyboard. The project will get crowd funding and it’s still in development phase. Indiegogo will be the platform of choice to get this going, according to Regent’s University London. The device has an elegant design, it runs Windows 8 and it’s designed to work anywhere, according to the designer..

The tablet comes with a bunch of exclusive applications, that are designed for business purposes and they work with a micro projector and laser keyboard. The idea of a Projection tablet has been heard before, but it hasn’t reached a commercial phase and mass production yet. There are a few models in China that try that, but they’re not widespread. Could the ideal projector slate come from Morocco?