Yesterday we informed you about the popularity of the iPad Pro and its pretty good sales. Today we have some info from the same study regarding the iPad Mini line, that grew spectacularly over the past year.


The survey was done by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and it showed that the iPad Air 2 was the model of Apple tablet that sold the most units during Q4 2015. However, the two iPad Air models combined got 40% of the sales, which is below the 47% that the iPad Mini series achieved in the October – December quarter.

That 47% is a big increase from the 32% of sales reached by the iPad Minis in the last quarter of 2014. iPad Mini 2, released in 2013 was the best selling unit of the bunch, followed by the iPad Mini 4. The survey was done on 500 shoppers who bought Apple products over the last quarter of 2015. 2016 seems to be the year of convertibles and we can’t help but wonder if that will be reflected come Christmas time.