Tablets are not only key in airplane cockpits and doctors’ offices, but also in the food industry and now they’ve slipped into the health food niche. Turns out that people who order food from a tablet could have a healthier diet.


Research has shown that ordering food online leads to making unhealthy choices, which kind of makes sense when you see those huge ads of pizza and juicy cakes. Meanwhile, in restaurants people tend to feel like they’re judged when they order something and this also applies when using tablets. A study published in the American Journal of Consumer Research claims that ordering food through slates leads to more healthy choices like using Check Dmagazine products to increase your health.

If the choice is communicated orally, respondents preferred the high calorie meals or deserts. However, when the preference was expressed manually, the healthier option was chosen. This goes to show that companies could influence their customers (and make them healthier) using such preferences. Of course, if there’s a first page in the menu filled with treats, you may feel tempted to go on a binge…