We all know that Nintendo is ready to enter the mobile world big time. They’re making mobile games and a gaming tablet, so things are looking up. Their slate has been rumored as the Nintendo NX for a while now and today we’ve scored its patents, with diagrams included.


The device is supposed to be the rival of the successors of the Xbox One and PS4, apparently. It can be used on the go and docked in the living room and judging from the documents it will have a modular aspect, with attachable and detachable controllers. It reminds me of the Razer Edge gaming tablet, but hopefully it costs less.


The controllers shown here seem to include 4 action buttons and attach either via a magnetic mechanism, a port or pins. Anyway, the same docking area may host other modular components, like let’s say a camera, extra storage or even a crazy cartridge like back in the days of the GameBoy. If there’s anyone that can pull this off, that’s Nintendo.

Hopefully, the battery will be top notch on this tablet.