Nintendo doesn’t seem ready to announce the Nintendo Switch 2 yet, but they are upgrading the original model’s battery. Just a week after announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite, the company is now debuting a new main version Switch with better battery life.

The other specs are the same, but this time you’re getting 4.5 hours to 9 hours of battery life, up from 2.5 to 6.5 hours on the original model. The name of the newcomer is Nintendo Switch HAC-001(-01) and it should be available starting with the middle of August.

Strangely enough the new portable console has the same 4310 mAh battery as the previous Switch, which charges in the same 3 hour time. The newcomer weighs .66 pounds and measures 0.55 inches in thickness. It keeps the same 6.2 inch 720p screen. In case you’re wondering how the superior battery life is achieved, it all comes down to the NVIDIA Tegra X1 System on Chip and potentially a new type of storage.

There’s a new FCC filing hinting that Nintendo has been working on an update to the Switch, that does changes to the SoC and NAND memory type. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch Lite is also expected to have a better battery life, even though it has a smaller 3750 mAh battery. It all comes down to CPU optimization.

Expect the upgraded battery Switch in August for around $300, while Nintendo Switch Lite Comes on September 20th priced at $200.