Leave it to Kickstarter to come up with cute and useful things. One such example is the FODI, an Origami stand that props up your tablet, while also looking nice and artsy. It’s available on Kickstarter and it has already reached 6 times its goal of 10k Canadian dollars, with 14 days to go.

Among the advantages of the FODI is the fact that it’s water resistant, it can fold and become totally flat, plus it can support your magazine or newspaper, maybe a book. Those who pledge $19 CA or more will save 30% off the device’s final price and receive one FODI with the pattern of their choice. The page of the accessory proposes some very funky designs, with country flags and traditional items, like donuts for USA, fish and chips for UK and beer and pretzels for Germany.

FODI features 2 magnetic buckles, in 2 different sizes and they fit all charging cables. There’s no glue or tape or other gimmick needed here. Buckles are useful to get rid of tangling and they hold the cable firmly, so you won’t drop it. They also hold post it notes for example. This product is made of PP and PVC, it’s recyclable and water resistant.

It measures 240 mm in width, 114 mm in height and weighs 40 grams, basically like a Snickers bar. Aside from the price mentioned above, you should know that you ca preorder one such model for $14 on Kickstarter right now. Deliver takes place around October.