After the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates just hours ago, accessories have already started to pop up for these products. They include the brand new Logitech Type-S case, that measures 22 mm in thickness and it’s built using premium materials.


The accessory is meant for the 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab S and it involves a Bluetooth keyboard with optimized layout, well spaced keys and adjustable viewing angles. The case offers water protection and also saves it from drops or scratches. The Logitech Secure Lock locking mechanism is meant to keep the slate safe inside the case and inserting and removing it is done very easily.

Logitech Type-S also integrates a dual view stand for simple activities, so you can prop up the tablet vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. We’ve got features like auto wake, auto sleep available on the slate and the Logitech product will come to Europe this month with a 99.99 euro price tag. It’s interesting that the tablets will come in July…