Lenovo amazed everyone last year at the Lenovo Tech World event, where it showcased a bracelet able to be turned into a phone and viceversa. In this year’s edition of Lenovo Tech World, it brought fourth the evolution of that concept: a folding tablet.

The likes of Microsoft and Samsung have been patenting such a machine for a while now, but without concrete products to show off. Turns out that Lenovo actually has one and it looks pretty viable. The Lenovo Folio is that device and it’s demoed in the videos below. It features a flexible touch display, that expands from a 5.5 inch diagonal to a 7.8 inch one. It uses a Snapdragon 800 CPU and offers a 1920 x 1440 pixel resolution.

Also in the mix is a 4.2 mm fold radius and narrow bezel bonding technology. This is an e-SIM machine, that runs on Android 7.0 and Lenovo could end up releasing it with either Android or Windows, or both. What fascinates me is how seamless the screen looks in tablet mode. You actually cannot see the area where the device flexes. It then becomes a quite thick dual display smartphone, with a curved left side, that continues the screen to the back side.

When opened the slate is reasonably slim, but in phone mode, it’s rather beefy. We get to see it in both black and white, with the main camera looking weird on the top front of the tablet. The future Lenovo Yoga series may just rest within such a machine. Color me impressed, but let’s first see a commercial unit. And when everything’s said and done you still end up with a dual display handset in the end.