We’ve written about the Eve V a bunch of times, as it’s a promising project, that seemed to offer a pretty solid alternative to the Surface Pro tablet. Sadly, as it sometimes happens to crowdfunded projects, delay has struck the Eve V, but there’s a silver lining in the mix.

That silver lining is the fact that we’ll be getting a screen upgrade as a result. This is not only a crowdfunded product, but also crowd surveyed, so the maker of the device has been asking people which should be the features included. Eve Tech meant the slate to be shipped earlier this year and it didn’t meet the date it promised. It’s also true that finished prototypes have been shown to journalists recently and the product also reached the FCC in June, so things are in motion.

The main problem remains with getting screens for the tablet, which if I remember correctly also plagued projects like Jolla. The first batch of screens that Eve got wasn’t up to their requirements, so that’s when things went slow. The supplier couldn’t provide new panels in time, so Eve turned to the crowdfunders and asked them what to do.

An option was to still wait for the supplier and another was to ask for the money back and buy a different screen. This one also brings a screen resolution bump, so instead of a 2736 x 1824 pixel panel, we’ll get a 2880 x 1920 pixel one. Eve could use a 12.3 incher from Sharp for extra screen efficiency. Another option is a 12 inch panel from AUO, with lower power usage as well.

1.4 million dollars have been contributed on Indiegogo, so funds should be sufficient to make this device happen.