The PC market has been in a serious downturn for the past 5 years or so, but companies like Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei haven’t been shy about experimenting with laptops. After quite a few months of selling those, we find out how things are actually going.

It’s all revealed via a Digitimes report, that states the fact that things aren’t great. Huawei only moved 700.000 MateBook models, down from the 1 million expected and that was a minimum value. That happened during the past year, while Xiaomi only got to around 500k Air 12.5 and 13.3 inch shipped units. They were expecting 2 million models.

ASUS has also been part of the trend, as they’ve been going through reorganization and trying to regain momentum. They should see shipment growth over the second half of the year, though. Sources from the upstream supply chain are saying that Huawei and Xiaomi wanted to quickly expanded in the notebook market, but results haven’t been great. The MateBook actually expanded with 3 new products recently, so there may be a future there.

These models will come to 12 countries, including China, USA, Germany and Japan. Meanwhile Xiaomi lowered its orders for new notebooks. It would be interesting to see if Lenovo is doing fine in this area or not, but they’re basically a behemoth compared to the other firms.