The Dell Venue 10 Pro tablet is shipping now and the 10 inch slate has a starting price of just $329. For this amount you get a pretty nifty package, but if you spend $100 more, you will also get a Full HD screen, 64 GB of storage and a nice keyboard dock.


The product sounds like a pretty good deal and a solid alternative for the Surface 3. The product weighs 626 grams and comes with a 32 Wh battery inside, which is more generous than the Surface 3 and its 27 Wh battery. The CPU is a Broadwell, an Intel Atom Z3735F, that’s less impressive than the one of the Surface 3 (Atom X7). Other features of the Dell model includes a Full size USB 2.0 port, micro HDMI, micro USB and headset.

The keyboard is either part of the package, or you can get it for $89.99 and it looks like a solid piece of work. Keep in mind that this keyboard has no extra battery and there’s no backlight here. The tablet also has a LTE option, with GPS and there will be an optional Wacom digitizer pen up for sale. I have to mention that the entry level model has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.  Tempted by the product?