This week was completely ruled by Computex 2012 and the many Windows 8 slates launched there. They were mostly Intel material, but the ARM versions also took quite a bit of showroom floor. Previously known as Windows on ARM, the special version of Win 8 designed for ARM devices now goes as Windows RT and was also found on the tablet below.

This is a model powered by a TI OMAP 4 chip and showcased at the TI booth as a reference design. Qualcomm also showcased a reference design at Computex 2012, also a version with Windows RT on board, that made the news the other day. TI didn’t allow video recording of its model and had its show behind closed doors, so the picture above was harder to get than you imagine. The device is a prototype filled with glitches and Texas Instruments worked a lot on it to at least make it seem viable.

The showcasing was limited to certain key features and the staff wasn’t comfortable with showing more right now. Texas Instruments assured everyone that it’s ready to deploy Windows RT machines as soon as the OS debuts officially on the market.