We have a bit of a surprise here at Tablet-News.com, since we’re one of the few people in the world to be testing an unique device at the time. It’s a tablet, a very high end Android slate, that we teased for you in the following picture.

Feel free to guess which model I’m talking about, but for now we can’t reveal more details. All we can say is that this model will be announced this month and that we’ve already done the unboxing and we’ll publish it the day the product is announced. Also, the review will be ready soon and published around the same date, towards the end of the month. Can you guess what the product is?

I can tell you it’s got a high quality case, it’s very thin and the selling point is the brilliant display, with top notch technology, great viewing angles and great brightness. It really stands out from all the other Android tablets and it’s also got enough performance to spare.