After this week’s leak of a supposed press pic of what’s rumored to be the Google Nexus tablet made by ASUS, now we also get a launch date for this model. Rumor has it that the Tegra 3-based 7 inch slate will be priced cheaper than the Amazon Kindle Fire and according to Business Insider it will come at the end of this month.

That’s also when Google I/O will take place and possibly the moment with Android Jellybean will debut. The same source was shy of mentioning if this is the rumored 7 inch tablet from Google or not, so could we have another surprise tablet coming? Obviously, we take the info with a big grain of salt and if the info is truly real, then the Nexus Tablet will be sold through Google’s own online store and offer magazine subscriptions from major publishers, according to insiders.

Write the date June 27th down on your calendar, since that’s when Google I/O takes places and that’s also when we might see the Nexus Tablet for the first time. The CPU and screen resolution are the most interesting aspects of this product. What do you think those will be?