Not so long ago BlackBerry announced that sadly the PlayBook tablet won’t get the update to BlackBerry 10 OS and now the company’s CEO seems to regret that decision. Back in 2012 we were informed that PlayBook owners would get the latest BB OS, but that didn’t come through.


What’s worse is that aside from a rumored phablet and some midrange phones and a gaming unit, BB doesn’t seem to be preparing a new tablet. They sound like they’ve given up on the segment alltogether… Thorsten Heins, the head of BlackBerry recently said that cancelling the BB 10 update for the PlayBook was his toughest decision yet, but he stands by it.

Apparently, the OS needs 2 GB of RAM to operate and that’s the biggest issue. The official went as far as apologize to the customers for not delivering what he promised. Heins believes that the experience of a BB 10 OS release specifically for the PlayBook wouldn’t be on par with the one of users with newer devices. There’s a reward system in the works for PlayBook owners, that will rid them of their frustration.