RIM may have delayed the BB 10 OS for 2013, but their products based on that platform are still on track, including some cool new phones and tablets. Among the future models we find a 4G PlayBook, that will be released this year in Q4 and has been rumored to debut over the past 2 quarters.

There’s also the BlackBerry 10 upgrade for the PlayBook, that’s either a new tablet or simply a software update. Anyway that one’s coming in Q1/Q2 2013 and then there’s a mystery device called Nashville, that may be a tablet or phone. There’s also the 10 inch PlayBook codenamed Blackforest, supposed to debut in Q3 2013. The only good news from this leaked roadmap is that we’ll have a new LTE PlayBook on the market this year, provided that it doesn’t get struck by another delay.

Expectations will be huge for the BlackBerry PlayBook Blackforest with 10 inch display and BB OS 10 on board. That will make or break the tablet business for RIM, being a real innovation in the slate segment… hopefully. I imagine it has a quad core processor and at least a 720p resolution, if not 1080p. What do you desire from a future RIM tablet?