Tablets are getting improvements and enhancements daily, now that the iPad 2 is out and they must compete with it. Thus, after seeing that Motorola Xoom already got the Flash 10.2 OTA update, we’ve heard that BlackBerry PlayBook will launch with a video conferencing app. This will probably rival Apple’s Facetime and Honeycomb’s alternative solution for Android tablets.

BlackBerry PlayBook already has a front and rear camera, so all it needs is a decent video conferencing app, that will come in handy, especially considering the business nature of the device. The HP tablets might also consider a port of this app, since they fit in the business/enterprise segment as well.

Initially, the PlayBook was supposed to be using a third party app like Skype, but it seems that RIM wants to use its very own software for this purpose. It remains to be seen if their solution also makes it to computers and BlackBerries, but it probably will, if it’s a hit.