Motorola Xoom, a tablet that was supposed to be the main iPad contender and the device to promote Android Honeycomb is apparently not doing so well. Analyst Peter Misek is claiming that the Moto device is going to be surpassed by the iPad 2 in sales this week and probably for the rest of the coming months.

The same analyst is saying that Xoom sales have been underwhelming, although the marketing was OK, the attitude towards the public is excellent (rooting is OK and Flash 10.2 came yesterday) and the price is… well, that could have been better. Peter Misek also believes the device is buggy, which is pretty strange, considering Honeycomb was pretty good, last time we saw it. Is it the hardware?

It seems that Motorola will have to accept initial low sales and start waiting for bigger achievements later on, as the price go down. It’s possible that a cheaper Xoom will appeal more to the public in the future…

  • Boogy

    I had my eye on this xoom since day 1 but when the price went out,my thoughts of this product went out the door.

  • Obitumx

    you can say that again. i can buy 2 ipads with that price.