January 30 is the big date for RIM, the date when they’ll unveil BB 10 OS and they’ll announce at least two new BlackBerry handsets. Their plans are much more complex than that, it seems, since the Canadian company has also confirmed it’s working on BlackBerry 10 tablets.


They did make the PlayBook tablet and haven’t released a follow-up of the 2011 device, which is a pity, since it was a pretty good device. Now they may be preparing a new PlayBook and we also know that the company will be running promotions for BlackBerry 10 during the Super Bowl. During the commercial aired at Super Bowl XLVII we might get to see a new tablet or two, maybe a serious 10 inch device with corporate features, one that may rival the Surface Tablet Pro.

Initially the PlayBook was not well received, since it depended too much on actually owning a BB handset. However, with updates, huge price decreases and a very nice multitasking system in QNX, it became a pretty loved slate, especially for BlackBerry enthusiasts. Any room for a repeat?