RIM new CEO Thorsten Heins recently announced that there’s a 4G version of the PlayBook tablet on its way. While he didn’t mention the price of this model or the release date, a recent leak took care of that.

The new slate is able to connect to high speed mobile broadband networks and now we have some early specs for the product. These include a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, NFC connectivity and a design similar to the one of the first gen PlayBook. Rumos previously said that the new tablet might actually be a 10 inch model, unlike the previous 7 inch unit. Right now the PlayBook goes for around $200, so it’s a very good purchase.

There are several good reasons to keep an eye on the new PlayBook: it has a special option for compatibility with Android apps and recently there was also a PlayStation game emulator published for it. QNX OS now has all the features one can need, since the last major update brought it email, messaging features and all the functions that made Blackberries famous. I wonder what else the PlayBook 4G will bring… maybe more storage and a good camera?