Bang & Olufsen showcased the brand B&O Play at CES 2012, that’s supposed to include products such as the BeoPlay A3, a high quality sound system for the iPad. You can see it in the pictures below and in the video after the break for a short demo, courtesy of Ubergizmo.

The key feature of this product is the Adaptive Stereo Orientation, that uses the BeoPlay A3 motion sensor to adapt the audio experience depending on the iPad’s orientation. The sound quality is provided through an omnidirectional two inch woofer that gives out bass down to 60 Hz and around 1.25 cm tweets that are place in the other 3 corners. Sound quality is confirmed to be great by the people who tested this gear, especially for the level of the usual portable speaker.

Another innovative feature is actually the shape of the device, with a facetted wedge allowing the users to place it on flat surfaces in various orientations. You can watch a video, read in portrait mode or landscape on a vertical or slightly inclined orientation. The Beoplay A3 is also pretty light, at a mere 1.5 kg so you can hold the entire contraption on your lap. Priced at $549, this is actually a pretty affordable B&O product, compared to the rest.