BlackBerry PlayBook has had its very first reviews published online, with not so favorable opinions from experts. Actually, the pile of reviews was so important that the RIM stocks went down, as we informed you here. Now, the officials of the Canadian company jumped to their product’s defense. One of them is Mike Lazaridis, who calls the PlayBook “superior”.

Meanwhile, VP Todd Wood is saying that the design of the tablet is “iconic” and co-CEO Jim Balsillie also spoke of the fact that the press was claiming that the slate lacks key features. These include having to access the browser in order to reach the email and the feeling that the PlayBook is in fact a BlackBerry companion.

Balsillie considers saying the product lacks keys feature isn’t fair, since there are many users looking for a secure and free extension of their BlackBerry. Will this slate ever sell if even its makers call it a BlackBerry accessory? If we gather all reviews, one thing jumps out: the device is considered halfbaked and rushed, but with some upgrades and updates, it might turn into something good.

However, at this point the PlayBook is no match for the iPad 2…