Rumors from BlackBerry World 2011 are mentioning a successor for the 7 inch WiFi PlayBook, with the new model being a 10 inch slate. The info comes from BGR who quotes multiple sources, but we have no official confirmation right now. Could RIM be pulling a Samsung and reach out to all the form factors out there?

Considering that the first PlayBook received moderate reviews at best and a 4G version is nowhere to be found or even receive a launch date, it’s too soon to speak of a follow-up. We’ll talk in two or 3 months when we learn more about the sales of the tablet. After all, the 10 inch PlayBook could simply be a larger version of the original model, with no other modifications than the screen.

Also, an updated OS with email, calendar and contacts of its own, without BlackBerry pairing could come in handy… Will the 10 inch model follow the 4G one or will it be one and the same?