AMREL is a brand of tablets you probably haven’t heard of, because it’s linked to rugged and secure products, not exactly meant for the general public. Today we learn that one of their slates, the Flexpedient AT80B has received the FBI certification.


We’re dealing with a rugged biometric tablet, that’s on the exclusive FBI Certified Products list. The AT80B is compliant with the CJIS Division’s Next Generation Identification System Image Quality Specifications and it’s so secure, it can access the FBI Next Gen Identification database. Fingerprints are captured using the Sherlock, an Integrated Biometrics module, that uses a light emitting sensor.

That sensor is also rugged, doesn’t use up a lot of power and needs less maintenance than regular authentication metods, plus it captures FAP-45 quality images. The tablet itself is much tougher than your run of the mill commercial tablet in a hardened case. It’s adapted to the MIL-STD 810G and comes with a durable IP67 rating. Specs include Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, an 8 inch screen, a set of 5 MP cameras, GPS and Bluetooth.