Zebra Technologies Corporation debuted this week a set of rugged tablets meant for frontline work. We’re dealing here with the ET4x series, which includes the Android-based ET40 and ET45 tablets, which are designed to help workers do their job smarter and faster.

Businesses can chose the easier to carry 8 inch or 10 inch model for an improved viewing of information-rich applications. First we have the enterprise-grade ET4x series of tablets, a general-purpose set of slates ideal for a wide range of use cases, like for example delivery drivers and fulfillment personnel, in the field of transportation and logistics.

There’s also retail associates performing assisted selling and line busting tasks. The ET4x provides retailers with the means to further improve the in store customer experience, by offering flexibility and support for multiple point of sale (POS) applications, relying on the purpose-built business-class accessories.

These are payment-ready machines, which offer options like tap to pay functionality for mobile POS, a new presentation stand for self service, as well as fixed POS. We also have a workstation set-up, which offers a desktop-like experience.

The ET4x series includes a 13 megapixel main camera which captures photos for visual in store merchandising audits, while the 5 MP front camera offers video calls, which save time and reduce errors. We also have an integrated 2D scanner, which enables fast, accurate data capture of barcodes in virtually any condition for retail price checks ad inventory lookups, or even parcel tracking and tracing.

There’s also support for Wi-Fi 6, 5G and citizens broadband radio services (CBRS). The devices are up for purchase for up to 3 years and can be supported for up to 6 six years with Zebra’s optional OneCare Maintenance plans.