People usually rely on big brands to get their fill on high end tablets, like the Surface Pro and iPad Pro, but Purism likes to consider itself a third option. We’re talking about a tablet that’s being funded on Indiegogo and it’s currently available for preorder, going by the name of Librem.


Priced at $599, the device comes in a 10 inch and 11 inch version and runs free and open source software, being targeted at users who want more privacy than the usual options available from big manufacturers. Both models run on PureOS 3.0 Linux and come with privacy protecting services, such as Thor, HTTPS Everywhere and an ad blocker Privacy Badger preinstalled.


But it doesn’t even here! The firm is working on getting both models with QubesOS installed, the OS that Edward Snowden uses, so that’s a vote of confidence right there. Librem 10 relies on a quad core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom CPU, while the 11 incher goes for a 2 GHz dual core Core M chip. Both have a bundled keyboard dock and can be hooked up to external monitors.

And again, security and privacy come into play, as both units come with hardware shutdown switches for the camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and microphone. They’re also slightly modular, in that you can upgrade RAM and storage. You can get one here.