Jolla made a great first impression, as a team of passionate developers that left old Nokia with their Meego hopes and dreams crushed. They then created Sailfish OS and late in 2014 unveiled the Jolla tablet, funded via Indiegogo. The company needed $380.000 for production to start and they reached that goal in hours. Now they started a new campaign for a 64 GB Jolla Tablet.


The previous campaign ended in December 2014, with $1.8 million raised in pledges. An important thing to mention is that the specs also got bumped on this occasion, with the new slate. Aside from getting that extra storage, the new Jolla Tablet has a bigger battery, with a capacity of 4450 mAh, instead of the previous 4300 mAh. There’s also limited support for external storage via microSD cards.

To make it clearer, users will be able to rely on microSD cards only to back up content and there are limitations here. For example, microSD cards that are over 32 GB and have been formated to use with Jolla won’t be read by a Windows PC or other devices, including cameras or phones. The new model also has the proximity sensor removed and the display is now laminated.

Extras also include a compass and gyroscope, while the rest of the specs are unchanged: quad core 1.8 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 5 MP camera and a 2048 x 1536 pixel display with a 7.9 inch diagonal. If you already pledged money for a regular tablet, you can pledge an extra $25 for the new and improved one here.