There was a bit of trouble for Jolla over the past months, when we learned that their orders for the Jolla tablet got delayed, because of a screen issue. Then they had to let go of half of the work force, at least temporarily. Today the slate gets a new lease on life, since the company got Series C funding.


Jolla is a Finnish startup that was built by people who left Nokia once Nokia Devices was bought by Microsoft. They were the ones behind MeeGo and Maemo and had a new vision, that lead to Sailfish OS and the Jolla Tablet. Keep in mind that the successfully crowdfunded slate has yet to be delivered to all of its backers.

While Jolla did get more money, the future of the tablets is not sure and apparently it’s more the software’s blame than the hardware’s. The company has received over 10.000 orders for its device and started accepting more preorders this autumn, promising to deliver the goods soon. Then things took a turn and the screen supplier had to changed.

21.644 people contributed to the project, reaching over $2.5 million on Indiegogo and many are still waiting for the tablet. The first devices were supposedly already sent in late October.