There’s been a fresh leak regarding Windows 9 Threshold, one that shows us the concept behind this OS. Apparently, it will include an UI that can be seen as Modern UI 2.0, that will be at the forefront of the experience, with the Desktop mode killed off in the process.


The OS is set to launch in 2015 and it has to be aligned with modern rivals like iOS or Android. The desktop mode will be removed from Windows RT and also from tablets which do not need it. I’m guessing smaller tablets will lack a desktop mode, obviously. Also, on desktops and other compatible devices, user will only user Modern UI or desktop, since they can’t have both. They will have to choose one and stick with it.

The Start Menu for desktop users in Threshold may be used as sort of a fullscreen Start Menu, reminding you of the Start Screen. The purpose of the Metro UI 2.0 focus is the immersive experience, without interacting with background stuff, like registry, desktop icons, close buttons, win32 apps or windows. The Start Screen in Windows 9 will also get interactive tiles, allowing you to interact with them without opening an app.

Then you’ll get a notification center, live folders probably like the ones in WP 8.1, Cortana as a live tile and also we learn that the Charms Bar will be removed. How does this experience sound to you?

  • DeianStancu

    Microsoft are a bunch of idiots and losers. Over the years they forced the big companies to adopt their shitty OS by corruption and bought and cheated and used every bad ways possible to achieve market share and impose in industry.
    In Windows 8 they removed the Start Menu, then after lot of users complained, they brought it back in 8.1.
    Now, they want to kill Desktop Mode, the only way we use this crap OS.
    When will they learn that desktop users, tablet users, laptop users and phone users are completely different categories? They use products in different ways, you can’t force them to use in the same way all those gadgets.
    Look what Apple does, they have different types of products, different type of OS.
    Only M$Crap wants all-in-one….

  • David Richardson

    Unlike Deian I don’t mind an all-in-one OS, but the idea of losing Desktop mode on the smaller tablets bothers me. These small 8″ tablets have enough power to act as a desktop for light-duty users, and you can simply dock it to a monitor and keyboard when you are in the office.

    Making users choose one time Desktop or Modern UI is also a mistake. I have both now, and I like both, but for different things.. When I am working at my job, I have 10 or 15 different apps open.. I have browser, visual studio, a couple of applications, Word, Excel, etc… and I may have to jump in and out of Control Panel, Windows Explorer.. etc… The modern UI isn’t flexible enough for a Power User who heavily multi-tasks…

    However, when the day is done, and I want to play some games, browse my pictures, look at my calendar, watch a video, Skype, etc.. the Modern UI is fine for that… especially on a touch screen…

    Its the forcing users to do somethings in Modern UI and others in Desktop mode that is the failure. The mode is a reflection of how you use the computer, and both environments should be fully functional and not require users to jump back and forth.

    If I am in Desktop mode and I want to run a Modern UI app, open it in a windows and let me treat it like a normal desktop program running in a Windows. Open the same app in Modern UI and let it run full screen or split screen… And when I have to open a “Desktop” application from the Modern UI, treat it like an App.. open it full-screen, or split-screen… Don’t make me switch from the Modern UI to a Desktop Mode, and then run the program…