There’s been a fresh leak regarding Windows 9 Threshold, one that shows us the concept behind this OS. Apparently, it will include an UI that can be seen as Modern UI 2.0, that will be at the forefront of the experience, with the Desktop mode killed off in the process.


The OS is set to launch in 2015 and it has to be aligned with modern rivals like iOS or Android. The desktop mode will be removed from Windows RT and also from tablets which do not need it. I’m guessing smaller tablets will lack a desktop mode, obviously. Also, on desktops and other compatible devices, user will only user Modern UI or desktop, since they can’t have both. They will have to choose one and stick with it.

The Start Menu for desktop users in Threshold may be used as sort of a fullscreen Start Menu, reminding you of the Start Screen. The purpose of the Metro UI 2.0 focus is the immersive experience, without interacting with background stuff, like registry, desktop icons, close buttons, win32 apps or windows. The Start Screen in Windows 9 will also get interactive tiles, allowing you to interact with them without opening an app.

Then you’ll get a notification center, live folders probably like the ones in WP 8.1, Cortana as a live tile and also we learn that the Charms Bar will be removed. How does this experience sound to you?