Microsoft’s high spec Surface Pro 3 tablet is being said to suffer from heat problems, with users of the Core i7 version of the device claiming they had repeated problems. Complaints are focused on the fastest versions of the slate.


The problem here is that both fans run aggressively for much of the time and stability issues are also quoted. Even shutdowns are performed to keep the device from getting too hot. Not all the units are affected, but those that are, have a really hard time at functioning right. One Surface Pro 3 owner from the Microsoft Answers forum has now reached his fourth unit with problems, mostly excessive fan noise.

The worst thing is that the heat problem is not related to intensive apps or strong usage, even low intensity tasks leading to such nasty situations. Once can simply browse the web, watch YouTube videos or even resume the tablet from standby, only to encounter this pattern. Microsoft implemented a new cooling system on the Surface Pro 3, minimizing fan openings to a slim groove that runs at the periphery of the tablet.

Inferior versions like the Core i3 and i5 work just fine, but the Core i7 is too much for the cooling systems it seems… Have you encountered this problem?