The last time I saw WebOS in action it was running on a HP TouchPad tablet, before it got canned and had Android forcefully installed on it. Then HP sold the whole package to LG and they took over the open source Enyo initiative, that generates WebOS.


Today we’ve found a fresh leaked image from @evleaks, that seems to show the new and improved webOS. This time it’s running on a Smart TV made by LG, as shown in the pic. This TV and its OS will debut at CES 2014 and I have to say the OS looks quite nice. I like the multitasking tiles at the bottom, that seem to prove the TV will feature the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Skype preinstalled.

This still leaves us with some hope for a future WebOS tablet from LG, maybe. Keep in mind that the HP TouchPad didn’t exactly fail because of the software, but rather the hardware. WebOS back in the day had the most revolutionary multitasking system, but that could have also been said about the OS on the BlackBerry PlayBook and look where its maker ended…