If they want to stand any chance at replacing the notebooks and laptops with multiple-purpose tablet devices manufacturers have to look at the bigger picture and start moving away from the traditional design. So far only a few seem to get this idea though things are starting to head into the right direction.


Stating tablet combo or hybrid on the table market is almost immediately associated with Asus though things are looking like other manufacturers are also looking for a way to benefit from some of the new design characteristics. Wacom – the manufacturer of top of the line productivity drawing solutions has been offering its Cintiq line of drawing tablets for a while now and their latest product seems more than interesting.

Wacom has decided to announce the Cintiq 13HD drawing tablet combo featuring  2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and a high-end 1920×1080 HD LED 13-inch display. The screen size / resolution implementation results in a very high pixel density and the provided an integrated stand offers  four viewing angles, including flat, 22 degrees, 35 degrees and 50 degrees. It will be available for the highly competitive price of $999.95, compared to the $2,000 you’d pay for the Wacom 22HD.