We’ve been hearing a lot of speculations and details about the upcoming second generation Nexus 7 tablet, that’s supposed to bring a 1200p display and beat the iPad Mini 2 before it’s even launched. Its debut is expected around the time of Google I/O 2013 in May and today we get new details.


We have fresh rumors saying that the slate will rely on a solution from Qualcomm when it comes to the CPU, instead of Nvidia. Nvidia was the CPU supplier for the first generation Nexus 7 and for some reason they got switched with Qualcomm. Without these orders, Nvidia may end up losing about 8 million processor shipments in 2013, said the sources. Nvidia shipped over 10 million Tegra 3 chipsets for 2012 tablets, with 6 million units supplied to Google for the first gen Nexus 7.

The rest reached players like Lenovo, Acer and Chinese white box companies. In case you’re wondering if the price is the reason why ASUS turned away from Nvidia, well it’s not, since Qualcomm’s chips have a similar price level. It’s all because the processor has a communication chip integrated in the case of Qualcomm, while Nvidia is not exactly up to speed with that.