Steve Ballmer is known to be an eccentric character and we’re being polite here, but here he goes this time talking about the competition. Microsoft’s CEO was being interviewed by Reid Hoffman on Wednesday and he said that Android is “wild”, “uncontrolled” and “susceptible to malware”. He also addressed Apple, calling their products “overpriced”.

Ballmer’s aim is to place Windows exactly between the two rival platforms and find a big and expanding niche to fit Windows Phone into. Ballmer is saying that Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface have been done right and that Microsoft is working closely with developers, unlike Apple and Android, apparently. From what I know Apple is paying serious cash to developers and has a pretty civil relationship with them, so I don’t see the point of Ballmer’s statement.

Ballmer didn’t forget to mention Apple’s failure called Maps, something that many companies like Motorola and Nokia also dissed recently. The end of 2012 is crucial for Microsoft, since it will show them signs regarding their potential ascension on the tablet and smartphone market. So far… not so good.Steve Ballmer Throws the Gauntlet: “Android is Prone to Malware; Apple is Overpriced”