It would seem Samsung has carefully chosen its marketing strategy for this year with the launch of the new flagship smartphone and other releases. For the US the manufacturer is moving aggressively towards offering its clients a most attractive offer in all domains.


It has been long stated that Samsung is headed towards launching a new range of micro-stores for Best Buy in the US. More than 1.400 of these have been expected to land this year as part of Samsungțs strategy to efficiently promote its products. Now the “Samsung Experience Shops” are online and waiting for costumers to test the latest of the manufacturer’s products.

The new Samsung shops aim at providing a worthy experience for the clients mainly interested in the manufacturers latest flagship device. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to arrive for the US offering LTE connectivity and available for all major carriers. The device should be running the Snapdragon S600 chip and offers a full-HD 5-inch AMOLED panel.