Samsung isn’t doing so great. Between the fierce statements from Huawei, promising to be smartphone maker number one in 2020 and their lukewarm Galaxy S9 sales, things aren’t great. The Galaxy F is also not shaping up to be great, judging by the first prototype. Now DJ Koh, Samsung Mobile CEO seems to bet his career on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F.

Insiders from Korea have found that some higher ups within the Samsung chaebol aren’t happy with the performance of DJ Koh. Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong reportedly criticized the CEO and ordered a big bump in the camera area. The company is probably feeling the pressure from Huawei right about now. Koh’s position is threatened as we approach that time of the year when a company shuffles officials around.

Koh wants a turnaround and a breakthrough with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F. The CEO of Samsung Mobile is even said to have expressed how sorry he is for the current state of the Samsung smartphone business in an internal memo. Galaxy S10 will come in 3 versions and it’s not exactly something that we cover on this site. The Galaxy F is more interesting for us, because it can turn from phone to tablet.

It should be an in folding tablet that shrinks down to phone format. The latest info says that the Galaxy F will be unveiled in February, perhaps at MWC 2019, or even before. Expect a 7.3 incher with a discrete hinge and 4.6 inch displays on each side when closed. One UI seems a bigger innovation to me rather than the foldable…