RIM is only a month or two away from unveiling the BlackBerry 10 OS it has been working so hard on and now it’s time for a developer event to make things exciting. RIM is already rewarding developers who write apps for BB 10, but now they are starting a special series of events through a Got Game Port-a-Thon, a sort of Hackaton starting November 16th. This one gives produces $100 for every game they port to the new platform.

3 ports or more give the developer a Blackberry PlayBook tablet and the first people who port five or more titles get a Dev Alpha device to test their software on. Those who manage 10 titles ported or even more will get a trip to the Game Developers Conference in March 2013. The thing is that you have to do all of that work in the time frame of just 36 hours. RIM is really trying to get ready for the launch with a decent app catalog, in order not to have the same lukewarm reception as Windows Phone and Windows RT, in terms of lack of apps.

Considering the whole vague thing with the Android apps working on QNX with a special emulator, I expect one for BB 10 OS as well, maybe one used to port games easily to the new OS. I wonder what apps and titles will be ported first and I wonder how Tegra 3-only games will be handled on the upcoming Snapdragon S4 Pro BlackBerry devices.