If you were happy about owning a Nexus 7 and rubbing your hands with excitement over the perspective of getting Android 4.2 on your device, you shouldn’t. It appears that the software has been delayed and while initially the update was promised for the 29th of October, it’s now been moved to mid November.

The info comes from ASUS, who reported that to CNET. Apparently, ASUS is still waiting for Google to deliver the code for the update. Officially Android 4.2 will make its debut next week, as the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 get launched on the market. Version 4.2 keeps the name Jelly Bean and it’s not a huge update, being more like a revamp of JB. It brings new features like a 3D panorama mode called Photo Spheres, plus multi user accounts, a Swype style keyboard and a Quick settings area.

Google Now has also been improved and the major Android apps like Gmail, YouTube, Maps and the likes have been minorly updated, too. It will be interesting to see when the rest of famous tablets aside from Nexus 7 get the Android 4.2 update. ASUS may have an advantage, getting the code early.