However you look at it what Apple has done with its iPad tablets is to provide one of the best tablet experiences to date. The devices offer a high quality design, great screens and the app ecosystem that is unsurpassed until this day in terms of tablet optimized software.


It is no secret that many consider the prices Apple is asking for its products to be the main reason for people choosing to go with other platforms. Still the latest market assessments show Apple in the lead by far against the other manufacturers. Apple’s iPads now account for 81.9 percent of U.S. and Canadian tablet web traffic, according to the latest report from online advertiser Chitika.

What Chitika noted is the main reason for Apples continued ascension is the refurbished business. The giant is offering a spot for selling used products that are likely in very good condition and for prices that seem more acceptable.  The advertiser notes that the rise “may be partially due to Apple offering refurbished iPads at a discount beginning in mid-March, 2013,”. Apple’s strategy is also one of the reasons for it being able to sell the new products at the highest rate, while still having devices at a more affordable level.